FoalMaker™ for Mares
FoalMaker for MaresSince its formulation, FoalMaker™ has been studied and marketed as a stallion supplement. However, evidence suggests that it is also beneficial to mares. Anecdotal evidence indicates that some "problem mares" have successfully carried foals to term when supplemented with FoalMaker™ throughout the term of the pregnancy, no other changes having been made to their diet or treatment. In some instances, loss of a pregnancy has occurred when FoalMaker™ was withdrawn before foaling. Although this is far from hardcore scientific evidence, it suggests that the ingredients in FoalMaker™ have a positive effect on a mare's reproductive health.

Many of the ingredients in FoalMaker™ can indeed be linked to uterine health. By improving the uterine environment, implantation of the conceptus is greatly improved, meaning that "normal mares" may become pregnant in fewer cycles, while "problem mares" are more likely to conceive. FoalMaker™ improves the uterine environment, by providing basic building blocks for the uterine surface mucosa. This could translate to improved implantation and sustained pregnancies. Conception may also be improved by affecting the ova side of the equation. Again, by providing the basic building blocks for overall health of the ova, the attachment sites between the sperm and the ova are greatly enhanced. This could result in improved conception rates on the mare side as well as the stallion side.

    Enhances Fertility     Improves Conception Rate     Supports Digestive Tract
    Supports Joint & Connective Tissues     Ultra Concentrated     Highly Palatable

Supplementation with FoalMaker™ should begin 60 days prior to the
breeding season to support all stages of the heat cycle.

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